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Sängerin des Jahres nomination by OPUS KLASSIK

Noa Frenkel is nominated for the singer of the year award for her role in the opera Heart Chamber by Chaya Czernowin / on DVD by Naxos


A versatile artist with an affinity for many musical styles, Noa Frenkel is a true contralto with an extensive vocal range. Her concert repertoire reaches from Renaissance to contemporary music.

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Longing, Belonging
world premiere at Maerzmusik / Berlinerfestspiele, 18 March 

Looking at two great forces in our lives- our desire to belong, and our ever present longing - as two equally present, complimentary, and essential forces, Longing, Belonging is a journey through sound, exploring the creative tension between longing and belonging, through various musical pieces that offer different spaces of ‘lost and found’ aspects of our lives-  such as community, teacher, mind, body, places and love. / a recital for voice and electronics, music by Nono, Czernowin, Lucier, Kyriakides, Biro, Shaw
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