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Sängerin des Jahres nomination by OPUS KLASSIK

Noa Frenkel is nominated for the singer of the year award for her role in the opera Heart Chamber by Chaya Czernowin / on DVD by Naxos


A versatile artist with an affinity for many musical styles, Noa Frenkel is a true contralto with an extensive vocal range. Her concert repertoire reaches from Renaissance to contemporary music.

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World Premiere of the opera Until The Lions / Thierry Pecou
Strasbourg, Opera Du Rhin  / 25 Sept. 2022 

The story is taken from the Mahabharata, the vast Sanskrit epic focusing on the feats and battles of two branches of the same royal family descended from Emperor Bharata, the legendary founder of India. Poet Karthika Naïr presents her fresh, updated version, giving voice to female characters usually ignored. Noa Frenkel portrays the role of Amba, a strong princess that refuses to succmb to her fate as a woman after being kidnappend, and fights her way to revenge.  Directed by Indian choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh.
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